I was born and raised in Turkey. At the age of 21, I got married to my high school sweetheart and moved to Los Angeles. After having two lovely children, I graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. I also took undergraduate psychology courses in Western Connecticut University in Connecticut and attended the master program for social workers in Connecticut University. Because of my husband’s work, I lived in many different countries all over the world including Middle East, South America, Europe and USA. Currently I am living in Saudi Arabia and traveling to my home country very often.
In 1990, I read the book , Heal Your Life by Luise Hay which had a tremendous impact on my awakening. My journey to find my freedom continued until I met with Byron Katie and The Work in Amsterdam in 2002. After attending The School for The Work in 2009, I’ve become certified facilitator of The Work in 2012.

Since my teenage years, I was searching for freedom. Freedom from the need to get love and approval, looking good, pleasing others, jealousy, competition, judgment, low self-esteem, hatred, aggression, guilt and shame. In other words, I searched for freedom from stressful mind. I wanted to love and accept myself. I wanted to be my authentic self. I was pretty sure what I wanted but did not know how to get it. As I get older, I started to forget about what I wanted. I became the part of the circus. My conditioning has started numbing me so much. It was like I had a smelling diaper and with time I got so much use it that I was not noticing the diaper. And the good news is that the universe had a plan for me, which was to take my diaper out. I was going to wear the diaper until I was not. It served me so much until it did not. That smelling diaper was my conditioning of the stressful mind. It was my fearful, suspicious, insecure mind. The Work of Byron Katie was a very effective way to show me to take the diaper out. It showed me the way out from my stressful prison of the mind. The diaper I was wearing was my negative, unquestioned belief system. My confused mind was telling me that it was me who was smelling. With The Work I have realized that it was not me who smelled, it was my diaper, which is MY THINKING.

I believe in The Work. I have committed my life to doing The Work, serving for The Work. I love The Work. It works. This is the most effective self-realization tool I have ever experienced in my life. I suggest everyone to know and use The Work to find his or her authentic selves. To see that it is just our stressful thoughts that is causing suffering and it is so simple to question them and turn them around and find what is true for you. It is possible to be happy, content and joyful.

I am committed to serve to the world peace through The Work of Byron Katie, and be part of expanding it all over the world wherever I am living in the moment.

“I enjoyed the experience of doing The Work with Feza and having breakthrough in the areas of my life which I was having tremendous pain. I just want to say how thankful I am to Feza for supporting me finding trust and joy in my life again. Feza is a great facilitator and she introduce The Work into my life and I am so lucky for that. She has an amazing ability to bring compassion and safety and trust to the sessions. ”
- Bob