As a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, I offer The Work to:

Businesses: For Corporate Leadership, Managers, Teams and Employees.

Individuals, Couples, Families and Group:

• Individual coaching and training
• Workshops
• Online Courses

I also offer public talks and introductory presentations.

I offer all sessions in both English and Turkish. I can offer you The Work in the following categories:Relationships, Health, Parents, Children, Grief, God, Job and Career, Money, Body and Aging, Addiction, Conflict.

Sessions last typically 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours. Most of my work with clients is on the phone.

Sessions can be in person for local residents.

I invite you to try an introductory session at no cost.

My Certified Facilitator Profile 



“My attitude toward life is different since I met Feza. I was full of fear. I did not have hope for the future. I was constantly making plans to survive in my very scary world.( In my scary stories) I was at war with myself and with the others. It was hurting. I was not enjoying my life. Feza showed me that the fear was the only thing to be fearful. I appreciate every moment you have spent for me. Thanks!”
- Cemil