The Work is a simple yet powerful process of self inquiry where we learn to identify and question our own thoughts and beliefs that lead to stress and suffering, and that limit our experience of possibility in life, relationships and work..
By learning to identify our own stressful thoughts and limiting beliefs, and meeting them with 4 questions and turnarounds, we are able to find an understanding that opens space for peaceful and joyful experience and wise, decisive action in our lives. This Work is accessible to anyone willing to open their mind and heart to honestly answer the questions.
“He should listen to me.” ~ “The world is unsafe.” ~ “I need more money.” ~ “People should be kind.” ~ “My children should clean up.” ~ “ I have too much to do.”
Beliefs like these can run our lives, cause us stress, sadness, anger, confusion and suffering, and from the place of believing them we can find ourselves acting in ways that don’t support our health, our relationships or our ability to learn and act wisely and kindly.
By bringing these thoughts into our awareness, honestly answering 4 simple questions and finding where the turnarounds are true for us, we are able to meet our own thinking with a deep understanding and compassion. This can open space for peace, profound change and wise, kind action. The Work invites us to open our minds and allow our inherent wisdom and goodness to educate us.
As a practice, the Work can have a profound impact on your life, work and relationships. It is practiced and offered around the world in many contexts including hospitals, organizations, schools, addictions programs, veterans’ programs and as a personal practice for anyone wanting to find more joy, energy and clarity in their personal and professional life.



The Work brings peace to so many areas of life and work including:
• Family relationships and history
• Personal and professional relationships
• Working with creative blocks
• Parenting (children of all ages)
• Trauma and loss of loved ones
• Body and health issues
• Anxiety and depression
• Addictions and unhealthy patterns
• Conflict resolution
• Financial stress
• Athletic performance and participation





“I am so grateful to Feza for facilitating me many times. I was amazed with her ability to bring me to clarity . I have a better relationship with my partner now. By doing The Work with you I have learned to take the responsibility for my happiness and peace instead of blaming. I was the one who was projecting my stories on my partner. I don’t know how to thank you causing me to make such a great realizations.”
- Susan